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We are witnessing a proliferation of various smart devices in the world today. There is a greater need to control and monitor these devices remotely. Even though there are plenty of remote control techniques available, they are not very flexible because you are forced to use different remote control system for each type of device. What we really need is a system to control anything from anywhere.

Modem control and monitoring

Let's take a very common problem. Let's say you have several computers in your home or office and you have a modem connected to one of the computers. If you want to dial the modem from any of the other computers without installing special software in each of the computers, how do you that?

Here is a nice solution developed using BabuHTML. It lets you monitor, dial or disconnect any type of modem using a web browser as shown below:

Remote Dialer


The above remote dialer module is embedded in our software, netMailshar (v3.x)


BabuHTML offers the facility to change user interfaces to suit any type of display device. The remote dialer screen shown above can easily be modified to fit inside any hand-held device like Palm, mobile phone or any other PDA.

Shorter development time

BabuHTML can drastically cut down development time. To understand how easy it is, look at the following html code:

<select name="selectedentry">

The above code shows the list of all connections available in the remote computer. BabuHTML engine interprets the above code to produce the following output:

modem connections


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