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Posted by J GOPINATH on March 10, 1997 at 09:06:34:

I like to share a thought that Mr Ramar pillai may be
wrong in his theory . There is no reason to be afraid
that somebody is going to steal his findings becos of
the simple reason this issue has gained lot of publicity.
Ramar pillai has to come forward and give his findings to
scientists so that they can go in depth to find out the
feasibilty of making this as a product . Mr Ramar pillai
's demonstartion seemed to me like making mango pickles
Making petrol is more than that . He has found something
which is a great discovery or invention but he is not
sure of the internal functioning of that chemical process
, at this stage he should reveal the materials to scientists
so that they can take over from that point rather than
hiding and showing something like TV hoe to cook serial.
Done think i am against this issue or discouraging Mr Raman
I felt scientist taking over from here on will really help.

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