Gmail Restore Deleted Contacts

Google has added a new feature that allows you to restore all your Contacts. If you make changes to your contact list that you want to undo, you can restore your full contacts list to an earlier saved version. By restoring your Gmail contacts, you can undo the following changes:-

gmail contacts restore
Gmail Restore Contacts Option
  • Recovering contacts after it has been accidentally deleted
  • Restoring contacts after an unsuccessful sync
  • Undoing a recent import of Contact list
  • Undoing a recent Contact merge

You can even restore your contacts to a particular point in the past. Restore Contacts option lets you to choose the time you would like to revert your contact list to. You have the option to select – 10 minutes, 1 hour, yesterday, 1 week, Custom time and upto 30 days in the past.

Go to Gmail’s Contacts Manager, select “Restore contacts” in the “More actions” menu, and choose the time you would like to revert to.

You can even undo a restore operation. Once the restore operation completes, a notification appears that gives you the opportunity to immediately undo the restore contacts operation. Visit Gmail Managing Contacts Help section for more.

Sync Outlook Contacts with Gmail (FREEWARE) || Sync Gmail Contacts with Outlook

Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail Contacts

Contacts Sync is a free software to sync your Outlook and Gmail contacts.

Gmail Outlook Contacts Sync

  • Contacts Sync works with any regular Gmail account as well as Google Apps account.
  • Synchronize from Outlook contacts to Gmail contacts or
  • Sync contacts from Gmail to Outlook contacts.
  • Runs in system tray.
  • Option to choose a Outlook Contacts folder to sync.
  • Retrieves all contacts from Gmail, including “Other Contacts” / “All Contacts” folders
  • Whenever you send an email from Gmail, all email addresses are stored (with or without Names) in “Other Contacts” / “All Contacts”. Contacts Sync retrieves such email addresses from Gmail contacts even with blank names.

Download Contacts Sync to synchronize your contacts between Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Gmail. Sync Gmail contacts with Outlook

Mobile Number Locator Tracer

Track the location of a missed call

Locate the telecom area, telecom circle of a Mobile Phone Number Subscriber

Find the Telecom provider of any Mobile Number in India

Missed call finder


Mobile Numbering System in India | Mobile Numbering System in India


Tata DOCOMO 3G services is available in the following nine circles:

  1. Kerala
  2. Karnataka
  3. Madhya Pradesh (including Chhatisgarh)
  4. Rajasthan
  5. Gujarat
  6. UP (West)
  7. Punjab
  8. Haryana
  9. Maharashtra

Existing Tata DOCOMO SIM card is 3G  compatible so you don’t need to buy a new SIM to enjoy Tata DOCOMO 3G services.

Also see BSNL 3G Data Card

BSNL 3G Data Card Special Offer

BSNL 3G Data Card New Tariff

Special Festival Offer from BSNL under 3G services.  Cost of new BSNL 3G Data Card Terracom LW272 is just Rs.2000/- (instead of existing Rs.2500/- MRP).

This promotional offer from BSNL is valid for 90 days from 1-Nov-2010.

3G Data Card Connection with Unlimited Downloads.

As added bonus, all new 3G Data Card connections will be given unlimited downloads for one week.

Shanmuga Kavasam

Pamban Swamigal Shanmuga Kavasam – Explanation

by Thiru M.P.Sathyavel Muruganar

Book Release function – on 14th November 2010 – Rani Seethai Hall 603 Anna Saalai Chennai 600 006.  Pollachi N. Mahalingam – Chairman Sakthi Group Releases the Book

ALL ARE WELCOME – for more details Call 9380919082

SMS using BSNL 3G Data Card

bsnl 3g data cardYou can send bulk SMS, receive SMS to your PC using bkSMS software and BSNL 3G Data card. The 3G data card acts as a GSM Modem.

You can insert any GSM 2G SIM in the 3G data card, use bkSMS software and enjoy 2-way SMS.

mtnl 3g data card3G data card provides high speed wireless Internet access.  Using bkSMS along with the USB data card serves dual purpose. You can experience high speed Internet browsing and also use it for bulk SMS without additional cost of a second modem for SMS applications.

bkSMS software works with MTNL 3G data card as well. SMS software free download