To download the new Pro version, enter your Paypal Invoice ID# and click Download button . You can Download only once.

Note: Invoice number is found in your Paypal Receipt. If you dont have a PayPal account, Invoice ID will be in the email receipt from PayPal. Do not enter the Transaction number. Look for 25 digit "Invoice ID:" xxxxxxxxxxx in your PayPal receipt and in your PayPal Transaction history.

If you do not have an Invoice ID, send email to with a proof of purchase - paypal receipt or email.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1. Close existing version of Calendar Sync, if it is running. Double check in system tray as well for the app's icon and close it if there is one.

Step 2. Uninstall existing version of Calendar Sync, if any.

Step 3. Run the downloaded installation file to install the new version.

Please note, the downloaded file will not upgrade your existing installation.
Click Here for Portable version download page.