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As a programmer, you may be tempted to provide HTML-like interface inside your application. For example, you need to include a link to your Website in the About box. If the user moves the mouse near the link, the cursor turns into a hand pointer and if the user clicks it, the browser is invoked and the Website is displayed. If you want to do this, Hyperlink Control is the best way.

Hyperlink Control is an activeX control that can be invoked under Visual Basic 5 and above VC++ 4 and above. Many of the development tools like Delphi, BC++ also support activeX controls.

Usage Properties
  1. Run install.bat
  2. Invoke Visual Basic
  3. In the tool box, click the right button and choose Components
  4. Select the control named "Hyperlink" and click OK
  5. In the toolbox, you will find the icon shaped like a "hand pointer". Now, you can place the control in a Form and use it in your applications.
The important properties of Hyperlink control are:
  1. UrlDescription
  2. URL

Example: If your home page is "http://www.pppindia.com", you can assign the properties in the following way:

URL = http://www.pppindia.com
UrlDescription = PPPindia

Shareware Registration Fee : US$10
Registration benefits: No nagging message, FREE online support and update info. Email us for the registration info.

HyperLink Control is developed by
Plans Proposals & Projects (PPP)
(Internet/Intranet software, Networking & Website development)
16, Periyar Street, Gandhi Nagar,
Saligramam, Chennai (Madras) 600 093
Tamilnadu, India. Phone : 91-44-4831145
Telefax: 91-44-4848328.

Email: hyperlink@pppindia.com

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