InternetCop - Internet access control & monitoring

InternetCop is a comprehensive software for managing/monitoring Internet User's who share a single Internet connection of any type (Dialup TCP/IP, ISDN, ADSL, Cable modem, or Ethernet connection) among several computers in a network.

It allows organizations to integrate management of various security functions together with their firewall protection facilities.


InternetCop provides

F e a t u r e s
Server Client
  • Creation, Modification and Deletion of User-Id, password.
  • Alloting Time slots in minutes for each user (i.e. paid hours)
  • Administrator has got rights to disconnect the user at any point of time.
  • Real time view of all the Login users and the name of the workstations occupied by each user.
  • Report of Login & Logout hours,Workstation address and other Information,
  • Log of all Websites visited by each user (To be zapped daily).
  • Enable/Disable of concurrent user login
User Login
  • Connect and Disconnect facilities
  • Change password
  • A Real time running clock to monitor the time


It is ideal for corporates, educational institutions and organisations with more than one computer connected to the Internet.

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