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The Entrepreneurs Club - The Elevator of SME. The Entrepreneurs club is the brainchild of the three first generation entrepreneurs. Within them, the club has the experience and wisdom of more than five decades of conception and execution of organic growth. The club has the sole motto of elevating SMEs in India in their quest for sustenance and growth.

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Internet Users Community of India (IUCI) - Chennai Chapter

About: IUCI has been started and run as a totally voluntary body of people interested in the Internet and in interacting with each other to optimise the benefits from the Internet as users.

IUCI Chennai in the News - The Hindu dt. 21st May 2000

PPP founded the Chennai chapter of the Internet Users Community of India (IUCI) and acted as an agent between various agencies to propel the growth of Internet use in the southern part of the country. With IUCI meets held at ISP premises constituting ISP engineers, Telecom providers, Internet users, State / Central Govt Policy makers, PPP was instrumental in achieving the following:

Membership RegistrationYou may register your name and address with us for invitation to meetings in the future.

For further info contact IUCI Chennai Secretariat. Send an email to iucic@pppindia.com

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