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email server, webserver, php, webmail, virus filter

Multi-functional E-Mail Server. Scheduler, Auto-dialer, Outgoing & Incoming Email Archiving, Virus Filter, Email Rules, Webmail, Global Address Book, PHP support. Click here to know more.

Internet Sharing Software with web page caching

Web proxy that significantly speeds up web browsing & file downloads. Web page caching, website blocking and filtering, online privacy protection capabilities. Pre- configured to block most online banner advertisements thus saving bandwidth and money. LAN users can browse web pages and download files at full LAN speed without contacting the remote website. Option to record each and every website visited by the client machines in your network. Restrict downloads and filter cookies. Click here to know more.

Automatic Telephone Answering Software
with Voicemail & IVR. Answer your telephone automatically & track callerIDs. Multiple mailboxes can be created for users with customized greetings for each mailbox or user. Call your phone number from anywhere in the world and get your messages via PIN number. FREE DOWNLOAD

Bandwidth Reporter Displays real-time upload and download traffic statistics of your Internet connection. Monitor LAN IP traffic on one or more network interfaces. FREE DOWNLOAD

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