Journalists Against Nuclear Weapons

A forum under the name of Journalists Against Nuclear Weapons (JANW) has been formed by professional journalists who are concerned about nuclear weaponisation, especially in the context of the tests conducted by India and Pakistan.

The forum shall:
  • Network with other organisations, particularly those of professionals and working people, who share similar views against nuclear weaponisation.
  • Build a campaign involving all sections of the people about the dangers of nuclear weaponisation, and the insecurity created by the tests.
  • Draw attention to the economic costs of the nuclear weapons programme and the anti people priorities of public spending that this will entail for a developing country like India.
  • Counter attempts that seek to justify the recent tests as a scientific achievement and as a deterrent against war.
  • Warn of the perils of jingoism and communal chauvinism that have resulted from nuclear tests.
  • Call for greater transparency on the part of the State regarding all issues connected with nuclear weaponisation, so that people have a say on any of the future measures.

The forum shall strive to promote a consensus among all sections of the people on the following goals.

1. Stopping weaponisation of India's nuclear programme.

2. Evolving a national policy on adherence to international treaties that would be fully consistent with the objective of global nuclear disarmament.

The forum emphasises that the dangers of nuclear weaponry as part of the security systems of States, which first became manifest to the world tellingly in Hiroshima and Nagasaki five decades ago, are all the more glaringly brought out by the BJP-led Government, which within weeks of coming to power, conducted the tests without even a pretence of inviting a public debate and by the ongoing efforts to make India a part of the so-called "nuclear club."

Convenor J.Sri Raman
Co-ordinators R. Gopalakrishnan, Suresh Nambath, K.Venkataramanan, S.Radhakrishnan and R.Revathi


Reach JANW at:
G-2 Seashore Apartments
3, Jayaram Chetty Street.
Thiruvanmiyur Chennai - 600 041, INDIA
Ph: 044-442 2670
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