Representatives of more than 30 mass organisations and citizen groups have, under an initiative taken by the JANW, come together to form a Movement Against Nuclear Weapons (MANW) in Chennai.

The MANW, soon after its formation in connection with observance of the second anniversary protest against Pokharan-II, organised two programmes in Chennai on May 6 and May 13, 2000, to spread the message of world peace and the need to fight nuclear militarism. On May 13, representatives of the organisations as also members of the public gathered behind the Gandhi Statue on the Marina beach and took a pledge to fight for peace and against nuclear weapons. The pledge, administered by renowned Gandhian painter Adhimoolam, was followed by brief speeches by members of the organisations, including those of women, students and workers, on the dangers to subcontinental peace posed by the the nuclear postures of both India and Pakistan, and the absurdity of their nuclear military aspirations in the context of the grinding poverty and umeployment in the two countries.

The spirit of the observations of the leaders was reflected in the following leaflet produced by the Movement Against Nuclear Weapons which was widely distributed among the public on the occasion.

Movement against Nuclear weapons
Protest Against Pokharan-II Again