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Speaking Email notifier

an innovative email checker to get rid of unwanted emails
and to
speak out your messages

  • Are you tired of retrieving large mails?
  • Do you find you have too little time to sit down in front of the PC ?

If so, you definitely need MailAssistant. Before you download all email messages from your email account, you can quickly preview the sender's address, subject, size and abstract of each message with MailAssistant. Then, select unwanted messages and delete them from the server. A cool animated 3D character will read out the messages in human voice and also notifies you when a new mail arrives.


  1. MailAssistant can be scheduled to check your account at a user-defined interval, and to read each message aloud so that you will be able to quickly react to critical email messages.
  2. Reads out the abstract of each message in a natural-sounding, understandable voice.
  3. Quickly view the abstract of each message without downloading the entire message.
  4. Save the abstract of large messages and delete them without downloading.
  5. Supports unlimited POP3 accounts.
  6. Runs as an icon in system tray.
  7. You can read contents of the ClipBoard quickly by right-clicking on the system tray icon or using the Hot Key. Copy any text from webpages, documents into clipboard and MailAssistant will read it for you.
  8. MailAssistant comes with a TextReader to read out text files running several pages. So MailAssistant not only reads email messages but also text files in your hard disk and in the clipboard.
  9. Launch your favourite email client directly from MailAssistant
  10. Can work behind any proxy/firewall (SOCKS) server that enables its use even in a corporate environment
  11. Replace the existing animated character at any time with some other character.
  12. MailAssistant can also work in your own Intranet. Supports any Internet/Intranet Email server.
  13. You can also use MailAssistant without the speech capability to preview messages in your mailbox.

Take a tour of MailAssistant's complete features.

Listen to your email !

Email : mailassistant@pppindia.com


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