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Contacts Sync for Outlook, Google/Gmail contacts Calendar Sync for Google, Outlook Calendar
Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail. Sync Gmail and Outlook contacts. Works with any Gmail or Google Apps account. FREEWARE. Sync Outlook Contacts with Gmail || Download Free, Lite, Buy Pro 2-way sync. Transfer, Sync Outlook Contacts to Android iPhone, Playbook, Blackberry. Sync Outlook Contacts Categories to Gmail groups, Sync Contacts Pictures, Notes, Preview Sync and more.. Sync Outlook Contacts to 2 Gmail accounts. Google Outlook Calendar SyncNew Calendar Sync - Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar. 2way Outlook Google Calendar Sync - option to sync only upcoming Outlook appointments and Google events. Auto-sync, Sync 1way with Outlook or Google as master or do full 2way sync.
bkSMS SMS Software - Bulk SMS without Mobile Phone.
Bulk SMS from PC,  SMS from ExcelSend, Receive SMS from your PC with GSM Modem, 3G card. Send personalized bulk SMS. Receive SMS. SMS Merging - Import from Excel. Send a copy of SMS by Email. Inbox, Sent Messages, Failed Messages folders, SMS Reports and more. Connect to any SQL database and send SMS automatically. 2-way SMS without SMS gateway. Send SMS in Tamil, Send SMS in Hindi or any language using Unicode, Google IME..Download FREE SMS Software to Send SMS from PC. Download Bulk SMS Software | Send SMS to any Mobile | PC to Mobile SMS
Social Share Count Tracker Exam App Tamil Clock with Tamil Numerals
Check social shares, facebook likes, twitter tweets, google plus count of any URL.

Shows shared count of Facebook (likes, shares, comments), Google (+1s), Twitter (tweets), Linkedin (shares), StumbleUpon, Delicious (bookmarks), Pinterest (pins). Visit social share count page and enter any URL and check. Also download Free Android App - Social Share Count Tracker

Practice Multiple Choice Questions for professional courses and competitive entrance examination like AIEEE, private universities etc. Sample questions for Biology and Physics. Online Tamil Clock with traditional tamil numerals. Tamil Clock Android App with tamil numerals and as Windows widget .Visit for more details. Tamil Clock with tamizh numerals available for sale which can be given as gift during various functions.
Email Extraction Tools and Android Apps

Gmail Email Extractor (online)
Gmail Email Extractor Extract all Email addresses from your Gmail inbox, mail folders. Download extracted emails as .CSV file. Extract Name and Email of senders of all mails in your Gmail. No software required, No giving away your password. FREE Trial. Visit to Extract email address from gmail from Gmail inbox, mail folders. Extract email ids in From, To, Cc body of the email messages.

Email Extractor for Gmail - Free Android app to extract all email addresses from your Gmail account. Use it for any number of Gmail accounts.

 IMAP Email Extractor for Yahoo or any email account - Free Android app to extract sender Name and email addresses from your Yahoo and any IMAP Email accounts.

Email Extractor for GmailEmail Extractor Lite for Gmail - Android app to extract all email addresses from your Gmail accounts. Extracts sender's Name, Email id. Extracts email addresses from body of messages. Use Email Extractor Pro for more advanced options and to extract email ids in To, CC, SentMail folder.

Gmail Attachment Extractor - Free Android App to extract and download Gmail attachments. Filter emails by Sender's email, Date, Message size and more. Extract and save email attachments to a folder in your device automatically. Upload extracted attachments in bulk to cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.Know more and download from Google Play store.


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