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Troubleshooting - Installation:

If you see any .OCX errors or such files missing or not registered then click here to download ocxsetup.exe (590 KB). This will install the required ocx files in your system. These are standard runtime files required to run most software.

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AnswerMyPhone - Phone Answering Software, Voicemail & IVR.
Answer your telephone automatically & track callerIDs. Multiple mailboxes can be created for users with customized greetings for each mailbox or user. Call your phone number from anywhere in the world and get your messages via PIN number.

Connect and Shar - Connect, Disconnect and monitor your Internet connection from any PC. Alerts all users in the network whenever Internet connection in the gateway goes online or offline. This alert is in the form of familiar MSN-style pop-up animation with sound. FREE DOWNLOAD

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