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Mail@Office enables every computer in an office to send and receive email not only within local network but also across Internet. Everyone in your office need not have Internet access to use username@yourdoman.com email. Just a single PC can have Internet access for the Mail@Office software to access your remotely hosted email.

Mail@Office is targeted towards small to medium sized businesses. Small businesses require simpler and smarter solutions. This is what Mail@Office delivers. With more economic pricing, the Mail@Office surely stands out.

Simply put, the Mail@Office MailServer delivers the latest in email capabilities for small to medium sized business organizations. Mail@Office mail server can provide a wealth of communication benefits, enabling businesses to improve operational efficiency.

Mail@Office combines advanced features, enchanced security features, high performance and ease of use.

Mail@Office Mailserver - Highlights - All-in-one Mailserver

Email without Internet
SMTP / POP3 / IMAP mailserver
Multi-threaded SMTP, Mail Relay Server
Direct Sending of Mails through DNS server
IMAP Email service. Centralised Email Storage.
Opensource Webmail to access email from anywhere. (optional)
Fetch multiple remote pop3 accounts
Server-wide Email Filtering, Forwarding Policies
Email Archiving & Monitoring / Message Processing
Take a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails
Userwise email attachment, mail size restrictions
Opensource Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus (optional)
Supports Google Apps Domain & Gmail accounts
Use Gmail without Internet through POP3
Global Address Book using Webmail or Gmail Contacts Sync (optional)
Effortless administration

Mail@Office software can be used for one or more or combination of the following situations:

Provide email accounts to every desktop in your office network with the help of one POP3 account that supports aliases. (most common situation)
Multiple POP accounts of same or different domains to be shared seamlessly across the network without aliasing.
Collect and Consolidate emails from multiple email accounts: If you have multiple email (pop3) accounts, then you can use Mail@Office to collect mails from all email accounts and distribute them to one or more local accounts in Mail@Office
Intranet/LAN mailing : As Intranet mail server even if you don't have a registered Internet domain name. Mail@Office server also works on a LAN (Local Area Network ) without Internet connection.
Mail@Office server also runs as a dedicated Mailserver similar to MS-Exchange, if you have a static IP address and a valid domain name.
Note: The above scenarios are just an example how Mail@Office can be put to use in your network. If you have any specific requirement please Contact us for a solution


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