Promotional SMS – SenderID Identification

Here is a quick way to identify the type of SMS you receive.

Generally, you will receive different types of SMSes in your phone – SMS for marketing a product or service, SMS from your bank or any institution you have commercial relationship with and private SMS communication from your friends, relatives and any individual.

  1. From id / header to identify Promotional / Marketing SMS:

From address of SMS related to Banking, Insurance starts with 1
Example: 107070
From address of SMS related to Real Estate starts with 2
From address of SMS related to Education start with 3
From address of SMS related to Health starts with 4
From address of SMS related to Consumer Goods starts with 5
Example: 530000, 551515
From address of SMS related to Communication/Entertainment starts with 6
Example: 611123, 650025, 693742
From address of SMS not related to any category starts with 0
Example: 067890, 012029

2. From id / Sender id for Transactional SMS:

Example: AP-XXXXXX, VD-XXXXXX, CP-XXXXX where X is a 6 digita alpha-numeric characters.