Promotional SMS – SenderID Identification

Here is a quick way to identify the type of SMS you receive.

Generally, you will receive different types of SMSes in your phone – SMS for marketing a product or service, SMS from your bank or any institution you have commercial relationship with and private SMS communication from your friends, relatives and any individual.

  1. From id / header to identify Promotional / Marketing SMS:

From address of SMS related to Banking, Insurance starts with 1
Example: 107070
From address of SMS related to Real Estate starts with 2
From address of SMS related to Education start with 3
From address of SMS related to Health starts with 4
From address of SMS related to Consumer Goods starts with 5
Example: 530000, 551515
From address of SMS related to Communication/Entertainment starts with 6
Example: 611123, 650025, 693742
From address of SMS not related to any category starts with 0
Example: 067890, 012029

2. From id / Sender id for Transactional SMS:

Example: AP-XXXXXX, VD-XXXXXX, CP-XXXXX where X is a 6 digita alpha-numeric characters.


Extract attachments from Gmail

How to Extract attachments from emails in Gmail.

gmail attachment extractor app iconSometimes, you may need to extract all attachments from your Gmail emails and download them. Here is a new free Android App – Gmail Attachment Extractor that makes this possible.

  1. Download Gmail Attachment Extractor from Google Play store.
  2. Click on “Sign-on with Google” button. If you have multiple gmail accounts configured in your android phone or tab, then you will be prompted to select the account from which you need to extract the attachments. Otherwise, default Gmail account will be automatically selected and you will shown the list of labels/folders from your Gmail account.
  3. Select a folder from the list and wait for a few seconds.
  4. On the next screen you will be shown the total messages in the selected folder along with the filter options available to extract the attachments.
  5. Choose one of more options and tap the “Start Extraction” button to proceed.
  6. For example: To extract and download all attachments from a known Sender, just enter the Name or Email address of the sender (From email id) and hit the “Start Extraction” button. See the App’s help screen to know more about the options.
  7. For more advanced filter options to extract, see Mail Attachment Extractor Pro

Download Gmail Attachment Extractor now for free and download your Gmail attachments to your device.

Extract and Download Gmail attachmentsSee Video tutorial on how to Extract Gmail email attachments.

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Social Shared Count of any website

Get social shared count of your website, blog or any URL. Check the social popularity of a website/url in popular social networks.

Available in two versions – on website and as Android App.

  1. Go to Social Share Count Checker Website to see it live.
  2. Download Social Share Count Tracker Android app from Google Play Store
Social Shared Count of any websiteFeatures of Social Share Count Tracker Android App:
  • Check social shares, facebook likes, twitter tweets, google plus count of any URL.
  • Shows shared count of Facebook (likes, shares, comments), Google (+1s), Twitter (tweets), Linkedin (shares), StumbleUpon, Delicious (bookmarks), Pinterest (pins).
  • Open Social Share Count Tracker app from your mobile browser’s share icon to see the shared count of the url you are browsing. Know the social reach of a website or blog.

Options :

  • XML Sitemap URL: (for Webmasters):
    You can automatically check the social shared count of the URLs in your XML Sitemap file. Just enter the URL of your
    XML Sitemap, tick this option and submit. This app will fetch and show the first 5 URLs from your XML sitemap
    file,click on Continue button to view the social shares of each URL.
  • View Saved URL:
    This is a history of the URLs you have typed. Every URLs you check for social shares are saved so you don’t have to
    re-type the URL the next time. Just pickup the URL from the list and submit.
  1. Go to Social Share Count Checker Website now to see it in action.
  2. Download Social Share Count Tracker Android app from Google Play Store
    for advanced options mentioned above.

    Extract Email addresses from Gmail

    Email Extractor for Gmail – Visit to extract all email addresses from your Gmail inbox and other mail folders.

    • Download extracted emails as .CSV file.
    • Extract Name and Email address of senders of all mails in your Gmail.
    • No software required, No giving away your password.

    Visit to Extract email address from gmail from Gmail inbox and any mail folders in your Gmail account.

    Tamil Archakar Course

    Application for Tamizh Archakar Course

    தமிழ் அருட்சுனைஞர் ஓராண்டுப் பட்டயப் படிப்பு (DIPLOMA IN TAMIL ARUTSUNAIGNAR)

    விண்ணப்பங்கள் வரவேற்கப்படுகின்றன


    tamizh archagar courseTamil Arutsunaignar (Archagar) Diploma Course (One Year)

    SRM University Tamizh Perayam & DheivaThamizh Arakkattalai
    jointly presents Tamil Archakar course.

    Tamil Vazhipadu – Rituals like marraige, house warming function and
    Koyil poosai, kuda muzhakku etc in tamil.

    Classes at SRM Vadapalani on Saturdays and Sundays. 1st and 2nd
    weekends of every month.

    See this video to know more about
    the course.

    Application-form-for-TamilArchakar Course.



    21st year – Thirumanthiram Recital

    A TWO DAY PROGRAM (EIGHT sittings)
    31 Dec  2011 & 1st Jan  2012

    Venue :: Padmavathy Thirumana Manadapam,
    29, Dharamaraja Koil Street,
    Saidapet, Chennai – 600 015

    Program Highlights ::

    • A Yearly Event – 2011 is 21st year
    • This year : Nineth Thanthiram(3rd Round) – “Four Parts of Saivam”
    • Launch of Tamil Numeral Clock
    • Distribution of Nineth Thanthiram copies to the participants
    • Sale of Spiritual books, CDs etc
    • Full Recital by thousands of participants guided by Odhuvar Muruthis
    • Twenty personalities honoured with Title for their contribution to Muthamizh and Saivam.

    Teaching Thirukkural to prisioners in Puzhal Jail, Research on Tamizh isai, Discovering Tamil Culture by ocean travel, Publishing rare tamil books, are noteworthy works done by awardees.

    Many Othuva Moorthis, Speakers, Scholars grace the occasion lead by Thirumanitra Thamizh Mamani M.P.Sathyavel Muruganar

    VIP’s and personalities on this occassion ::

    1. Blessings from Chidhambaram Mounamadam Thavathiru Sundaramoorthy Swamigal
    2. Padmashri Nalli Kuppusamy
    3. Thiru D.Chandrasekar I A S (Retd)
    4. Thiru D.Uthirakumaran I A S – Director Small Savings
    5. Dr. Elangkumaranar
    6. Dr. Aranga Ramalingam
    7. Dr. PremRaj – Vasan Eye Care
    8. Thiru. G.S.Venkada Prakash – Puthiya ThalaiMurai TV
    9. Justice S.Jagadesan, Chennai

    and many others…

    Program covered by Indian and International media.

    Sponsorship and contributions solicited

    :: ALL ARE WELCOME ::  Download invite from ::



    We have heard about Nayanmars – followers of Lord Siva. Similarly there are many followers of Lord Muruga. Like Periyapuranam where the history of Nayanmars are known to the world by Dheivapulavar Sekkizhar, the history of the followers of Lord Muruga (Murugan adiyargal) is written as Sey Thondar Puranam. This is composed by Thenur Varakavi Chokkalinga pillai on request of Thanigamani Chengalvaraya Pillai. Like Panniru thirumurai – Murugavel panniru thirumurai is getting released.

    This book is getting released on 19th Nov. 2011 at Chidhambara Mahal, Mela Chinthamani, Trichy under the august presence of Arulmigu Rathinagiri Swamigal and other Murugan aatheenams.

    An explanatory article about Sey Thondar Puranam is published as episode in dheivamurasu monthly tamil spritual magazine.

    For more details visit ::

    200 SMS per day per SIM

    TRAI has allowed mobile subscribers in India to send upto 200 SMS per day per SIM.

    Earlier, the limit was 100 SMS and after representations from many people this limit has now been increased to 200 SMS per day.  Post-paid subscribers can send upto 6000 SMS per month per SIM.

    More details at

    Bulk SMS Regulations from TRAI

    With effect from September 27th, 2011, promotional unsolicited SMS should not be sent to mobile numbers which are listed in “National Customer Preference Register” NCPR.

    Telephone customers (landline and mobile) can register their telephone numbers with their telecom service provider for inclusion in the National Consumer Preference Register (NCPR) by dialing or sending sms to toll-free number 1909.

    Here are some of the highlights of the regulations by TRAI to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC) to landline and mobile users.

    1. Telemarketer should not make telemarketing voice call or send SMS – between 9 PM  and 9 AM to any phone user irrespective of the fact that such subscriber is registered on NCPR or not.
    2. Mobile subscribers who are sending bulk SMS (categorized as “unregistered telemarketers”)  will not be permitted to send more than 100 SMS per day per SIM except on blackout days or days specially notified by TRAI.  Hereafter, none of the mobile users will be able to send more than 100 SMS per day per SIM. But as per regulations, special permission can be obtained by anyone from the mobile service provider to relax this limit.
    3. All registered Telemarketers have been allocated 10 digit number of “140” number series. Therefore, you can identify the telemarketing calls even if you are not registered with NCPR. You might receive a telemarketing call starting with +91140 on your mobile or 0140 in your landline phone.
    4. Any user can register his/her number with the NCPR under two categories – fully blocked and partially blocked category  to block unwanted SMS. If the user opts for partially blocked category, he/she has to choose the options:
    • 1- Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards,
    • 2- Real Estate,
    • 3- Education,
    • 4- Health,
    • 5- Consumer goods and automobiles,
    • 6- Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT,
    • 7-Tourism and Leisure.

    If he/she chose option “4. Health” he/she will receive telemarketing calls and bulk SMS related to Health. This choice can be modified any time by calling or sending SMS to 1909.

    Promotional SMS can be identified by special alpha numeric sender IDs. Telemarketers will be allotted a special code by the mobile service provider. Mobile users can identify promotional SMS just by looking at the SMS SenderID.

    For more details visit

    Check if a mobile number is in (NDNC) Do Not Call Registry (now called National Consumer Preference Register (NCPR)

    November 1, 2011 (01-11-11) Update: Send 200 SMS per day SIM

    Independence and Internet in India

    We all celebrate Independence Day every AUGUST 15th, this August 15, 2011 is 65th year of Independence. But only few of us know that AUGUST 15th 1995 was the date of birth of Internet in India.

    And this year we  celebrate the 16th birthday of INTERNET in India.

    PPP group salutes our national flag and also mourns the death of veteran actor Mr.Shammi Kapoor, the founder and Chairman of IUCI (Internet Users Community of India).  A veteran flim actor who  had a vision and mission of Internet in India.

    IUCI was instrumental in spreading the usage of Internet in India.

    PPP founded the Chennai Chapter of IUCI.