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Not just Internet Connection Sharing Software. Share any type of Internet connection - be it standard dialup, AOL, DSL, DirecWay, any satellite or cable modem connection. New version speeds-up web browsing and file downloads. Banner ads blocker, download limiter, cookie filter, website blocker and more. Remote control and monitor Internet connection from any PC. Enables you to monitor and control the Internet connection status from any computer. Sends MSN-style pop-up animation alerts to all users in the network whenever the Internet connection in the gateway goes Online or Offline. Telephone Answering Software, Voicemail, IVR. Answer your telephone automatically & track callerIDs. Multiple mailboxes can be created for users with customized greetings for each mailbox or user. Call your phone number from anywhere in the world and get your messages via PIN number. Easy-to-use, multi-functional mail server that enables every computer in an office to send and receive email not only across the Internet but also within a LAN. Email virus filter, scheduled mail sending and receiving, unlimited pop3 accounts, email archiving, filtering, webmail, Global Address Book, PHP support and much more.
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Internet and LAN upload and download traffic monitor. Displays real-time upload and download traffic statistics of your Internet connection. Monitors the traffic between your computer and Internet and also monitors network usage on any network interfaces installed in your computer. Real-time traffic accounting feature enables you to quickly see the total upload and download usage. Highly beneficial to users who access Internet with monthly transfer limit. FREE DOWNLOAD Remote Software Launcher. Launch or Stop any software on the server/gateway computer by just being on the client computer, without being physically present on the server or computer.
Speaking email notifier. Cool animated characters notifies and reads emails. Normal Edition with Character Genie. Christmas Edition with Santa - sings a christmas song and reads your emails. You can use MailAssistant with a host of cool characters, including Merlin, Genie, Peedy, Bill, Dog etc.
Individually delete Google Toolbar Search History items.
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