Shree Ganesha

Shree Ganesh - An auspicious beginning
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Shree Ganesh - His significance

Shree Ganesha symbolizes auspiciousness. Ganesha's image is a strange composite of elephant and man, generally mounted on a mouse with four arms.

Every part of his image is symbolic of facts :

The Elephant head represents the great strength of elephant.
The Human form signifies wisdom,intelligence and ability.
The Tiny Mouse denotes presence of mind.
His Four arms represents four directions of space.

Shree Ganesha is associated with a wealth of myths and legends, which depict his importance and magnitude of his power and the reason for his popularity....
Among all the Hindu Deities, Shree Ganesha is the closest to the material plane of consciousness, most able to assist us in our day-to-day life and concerns

Shree Ganesha has comfortably adopted modern and contemporary form. Suprisingly, there are no religious objections when Ganesha's image is given "new forms"

The spread of Ganesha is not confined to India alone his Ganesha's images are found worldwide. Although, his image is altered by devotees as per their perceptions, their faith remains unaltered. To them Ganesha, is the Universe, the most important God.
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