Shree Ganesha

Shree Ganesh - An auspicious beginning
An interactive Multimedia CD ROM

Of all the Hindu deities, Shree Ganesha or Ganapati is a popular deity. He is God of Knowledge and Wisdom. He is also called Vinayak (Knowledge) or Vighneshwer (God to remove obstacles). He is worshipped or atleast remembered, in the beginning of any auspicious performance.

" A visually appealing and well-researched title on Lord Ganesh"....says Maharastra Herald

Questions arise as to why this God with an elephant's face, big ears and trunk is considered all-important ?

"Shree Ganesh ..... an auspicious beginning", a multimedia CD-ROM answers all these about Lord Ganesha, who is the gateway for seekers.

This interactive multimedia CD is a visually appealing exploration of the myths and legends surrounding Ganesha. It has much to offer to both the devotee and those generally interested.

Short video clips make the CD more vibrant. The sound track too adds to the effect of the text and visuals by creating an ambience of religious fervor with kirtans, the clang of temple bells and the recitation of shlokas.

Shree Ganesh CD
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