Shree Ganesha

Shree Ganesh - An auspicious beginning
An interactive Multimedia CD ROM

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AshtaVinayaka: The section, Ashtavinayaka, is about the journey through the eight most important pilgrim centres of Shree Ganesha in Maharashtra - the Ashtavinayak. A colourful map in the form of a rosary (Rudhraksha Necklace) points out the locations and the interesting stories associated with each.

Myths and Beliefs : Stories about Ganesha, his image, his birth, his vehicle and many more. Enjoy all such myths about Ganesha, depicted with colourful graphics and text. Witness devotees fulfilling their Navas' to Ganesha - a promise to him, in exchange for a favour.

Many more myths you will (re)discover in Munsai Multimedia's - Shree Ganesha…an auspicious beginning, as a resonant Aum, chirping sparrows and ringing bells unveil a touched-up photograph of a temple, leading you to the altar of the elephant-headed God, while eight categories load themselves on the opening menu." says Chip Magazine, January 1999, Page no. 178.

Contemporary Forms : Ever since Harappan times, the image of Ganesh has been a common motif. Images found in various parts of the world, such as the Maha Vinayaka in Afghanistan and Polonnaaruva in Sri Lanka, and in distant Java, Borneo and Burma are here, reflecting the widespread influence of Shree Ganesh.

A visually appealing and well-researched title on Lord Ganesha...... This CD has interesting pictures of Ganesh being worshipped in various parts of the country, and far removed from the legends and myths, these pictures give you a feel of the present, the immediate - Ganesh, as he is venerated in modern India." says Computers @ Home, February 1999, Page no. 28

Rituals & Customs : Perform step by step, the rites and rituals, done during the pooja of Ganesha. Listen and understand different Mantras, Shlokas, Poojas, Aartis, Japs, Stotras of Ganesha. Learn how to perform the different Ganesh Vraths.
Mantras, such as mantra pusphanjali and magalacharanam can be read in both Devnagri and English, and you can hear an exquisite Sanskrit rendition as well.

Festivals : In a section devoted to the festivals associated with Ganesh, this title explores Ganesh Utsav and Ganesh Janma or Ganesh Chaturthi, the two most important festivals associated with the God. Along with the detailed description of the festivities, this CD also instructs you on how to pray, how many strands of durva to use and how to apply gandha on Ganesh, among other things.

And don't miss out on the mouth-watering sweetmeals such as modak, kheer, laddu, poran poli associated with Ganesh festivals.

A glossary of Sanskrit and Marathi words for fast data access
A picture gallery
Recitation of all rituals with Digital Audio with in-built volume control

....make the product all more attractive .... says Maharashtra Herald (28th August 1998, Page No. 11)

These facts, beliefs and innumerable stories about Shree Ganesha give us entertaining and interesting information and knowledge.

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