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PPPshar runs on a single Windows 95/98/Me or NT/2K/XP/2003 computer which does not have to be dedicated to the purpose. All other computer which connect to PPPshar can have any OS (Operating System). PPPshar can share a single Internet connection with nearly any type of client computer running TCP/IP.

If you are already using a ICS or proxy or router, you can still use PPPshar Accelerator since it has HTTP proxy support. PPPshar Accelerator can run on the same computer where your proxy is running or even on another computer in the network. So PPPshar Accelerator software need not replace your existing Internet Sharing solution but can work alongwith it to enhance, accelerate, secure your web browsing & file downloads.

Minimum system requirements for the Gateway Machine.
  • Pentium with 16 MB of RAM
  • Operating system - Windows 95/98/NT/2K/Me/XP
  • Internet Explorer 4.x or higher with MS-JVM (see notes below)
  • Network Adapter properly configured for TCP/IP
  • Any type of Internet connection.
Minimum system requirements for the client machines/workstations:
  • 486 with 8 MB RAM
  • Network Adapter
  • Any operating system supporting TCP/IP network (WIN9x, NT/2K, Win3.11, Unix, Linux, Mac, OS2 etc.)
  • Or any computer which can be networked with TCP/IP

MS-JVM : Microsoft (Java) Virtual Machine is required to run PPPshar. If PPPshar does not run on your machine, see below. JVM is required only in the gateway machine or in the machine where PPPshar will be installed.

  1. When there is no MS-JVM in your machine, Download the msjavx86.exe (build 3809) for Win9x/Me/XP/NT/2K/2003. NT/2K/2003 users can also update the JVM through service pack or Windows update.
  2. JVM Update build 3810 - This Java VM 3810 will ONLY install on a system which already has a version of Java on it. If you install it on a system with no java vm install, you will see the error message "This setup will only upgrade over an existing version of the Microsoft VM". After clicking ok, you will see the message "The installation is complete"... But 3810 will NOT have installed. So first download & install build 3809 and then upgrade to 3810
  3. For Windows 200 users: Useful MS-JVM Update 3810 link from Microsoft for Windows 2000 users if you have an older version of MS-JVM. If the MS-Java is missing then download MS-JVM 3809 first from this link 3809 (Microsoft's site) or from our site msjavx86.exe (build 3809) and visit the update link above to upgrade the JVM in your machine to the latest build 3810.
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