PPPshar wireless internet sharingInternet connection sharing with user login, wireless internet sharing, wireless network, cable modem connection sharing, DSL connection sharing, AOL satellite & DSL connection sharing, direcway, one-way/telco return connection sharing, two-way satellite connection sharing, PPPoE and PPPoA connection sharing and more, possible with PPPshar. Monitor browsing activity, restrict website access. Log of websites visited by users. Browsing history of all users in your network. Download now!

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User versions PPPshar v6 Pro (US$) PPPshar v6 Enterprise (US$)
1 $25 -
5 $59 $89.95
10 $99 $149.95
20 $149 $189.95
50 $229 $269.95
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Contact us to receive the Payment options. Onsite-support options available for customers in India.
FREE Remote support available for International customers only for one-time installation and configuration.

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Enterprise Edition now available! PPPshar 6 Enterprise Edition - Browser-based username/password login to access Web, Logging - Complete Log of all browsing activity (sites visited) by client machines/users, Logs are stored in industry-standard Apache Log format, Userwise log of sites visited. Advanced Site Blocker - Global Whitelist/Blacklist of sites, Client machine-wise block/allow of sites and more....Download PPPshar Enterprise Edition. Trial version enables you to use upto 5 client computers at a time.

PPPshar Lite, Pro & Accelerator versions have been replaced with this new version PPPshar 6. Previous version of this webpage is available here. Some configuration, features & information mentioned in this site might refer to older versions of PPPshar. Please download PPPshar 6 and see the Help file there for updated instructions.


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