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Bandwidth Reporter Displays real-time upload and download traffic statistics of your Internet connection.
Connect and Shar - Connect, disconnect, monitor modem and Internet connection from any computer on LAN. Works with any type of Internet connection. Alerts users in the network in MSN-style pop-up animation, whenever Internet connection in the gateway is Online or Offline. Useful to anyone sharing one Internet connection using ICS or proxy server. FREE DOWNLOAD
netMailshar Email Server - Easy-to-use, multi-functional mail server that enables every computer in an office to send and receive email across the Internet & within a LAN. Webmail, Scheduler, Email archiving, virus filter, Global Address Book, PHP support and more... FREE DOWNLOAD


  1. What is the different between PPPshar Pro and Accelerator versions ?

PPPshar Accelerator is a new edition of PPPshar with many advanced functions like webpage & file caching, website blocking, banner advertisement & cookie filter, browsing activity logging and so on. It is recommended to use Accelerator version since it has all the functions of Pro in addition to new features. If you find any limitations in the Pro version then Accelerator version will overcome any limitations of Pro. Also the possibilities of configuration in Accelerator version is almost unlimited. For example, you can block certain banner ads. and at the same time allow from websites or URL pattern you specify in Accelerator configuration files. Same applies to website blocking, cookie filtering.

  1. Don't want web caching or web acceleration but just Internet connection sharing. Which version of PPPshar to use ?

Although both versions of PPPshar can share Internet connection, it is highly recommended to use the PPPshar Accelerator version since it has better support for accessing all types of Internet services. You can disable the web caching function in PPPshar Accelerator.

  1. How to really test web acceleration ?

First access a website or download a file from one computer. Then access the same website or page, download that file from another computer. You will get that page almost instantly since it comes from your local computer. When you try to access the same page or file even after sometime or days it will come up from your local computer.

  1. Is it required to configure the browser in the gateway machine in which PPPshar Accelerator is installed ?

If you do not configure proxy settings in the browser in the gateway machine you cannot take advantage of the functions of PPPshar Accelerator. If you do configure proxy settings then you will be using one license of PPPshar. Refer PPPshar Accelerator Manual for instructions to configure the web browser.

If you do not have a network and just have one or more non-networked computers then you can configure the browser for proxy settings. In this case you need 1-user license of PPPshar Accelerator.

Contact us if you need any further clarification or help.

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