VenusValley Live Support - Live chat for your website
To learn more, read the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) below:
  1. My site is hosted by some other company. Is it possible to add VenusValley Live Support to my site?
    Absolutely Yes. You don't need any special permission to enable VenusValley Live Support. It's extremely simple. All you need to do is add a few lines of text(html) to your webpage after you sign up.

  2. Are there any special server requirements for adding VenusValley Live Support to my site?
    No special requirements. VenusValley LiveSupport is offered as a hosted solution which means the chat engine runs in our server and you will not experience any additional special load in your server. It does not matter whether your server runs Windows NT/2000/XP or UNIX or any other operating system. You don't need ASP, PHP or MySQL.

  3. As the owner/operator of the site, what tools do I need to chat with the visitors of my website?
    The operator module for chatting with visitors is web-based. You can support and chat with your visitors/customers live from anywhere and from any computer.

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