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VenusValley LiveSupport has all the features to enable you provide instant help to your customers -be it sales, marketing or technical .You can take a quick tour of features of VenusValley Live Support by looking at some screenshots here.


Operator Chat Window

Operator Chat Window 
 includes visitor traffic monitor, ability to send images/photos, visitor is typing notification, sound alerts and more...


  • You will find chatting with visitors smooth and fast.
  • No ugly flickering and refreshing like other webchats.
  • You can enable sound notification to alert new messages as they arrive.
  • An organization can have more than one operator to handle visitors. If one operator is busy chatting with the first visitor, the next visitor will be automatically routed to the next available operator.
  • Chat window also displays "user is typing" status like other industry standard instant messengers like AOL, MSN or Yahoo instant messengers.
  • You can make specified webpages pop up in new windows so that the visitor feels as if websites are pushed.
  • Besides simple text messages, you can include images in the chat window to provide a very rich appearance to the visitor.
  • Using Canned responses/Actions menu, you can quickly send frequently-typed messages and images while chatting with the visitor.
  • Send transcripts of your entire chat conversation with visitors via email with full time and date stamp. Once transcripts are stored as email messages in your hard disk, you will be able to search and retrieve messages based on this date and time stamp given in the subject.


Visitor traffic monitoring

  • Monitor your page traffic by viewing the list of visitors who come to your page in real time.
  • You can fetch detailed visitor information by clicking on the "?" button.
  • You will hear a sound when a new visitor arrives.
  • Sound will alert you again when the visitor leaves your site.
  • You can invite the visitor for chat(pro-active chat) by clicking on the "#" button.

Visitor Chat Window

Visitor chat window can display images and can provide sound alerts when new messages arrive

Click here to see a screenshot of an Operator Window showcasing Cars from their website

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