PPPshar - Internet sharing with Web Acceleration netMailshar Mail Server
AnswerMyPhone Connect and Shar
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AnswerMyPhone - Phone Answering Software, Voicemail & IVR. Answer your telephone automatically & track callerIDs. Multiple mailboxes can be created for users with customized greetings for each mailbox or user. Call your phone number from anywhere in the world and get your messages via PIN number.
Bandwidth Reporter Internet and LAN upload and download traffic monitor.
App Runner - Remote Software Launcher. FREE DOWNLOAD
Speaking Email notifier
seperate versions are available for American English, British English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian & Spanish languages.
Normal Edition with Character Genie Christmas Edition with Santa - sings a christmas song and reads your emails.

Reads out email messages with natural-sounding, understandable voice.
Listen to your emails in your own language.
Notifies you the arrival of incoming new emails
Reads Clipboard
Reads Webpages, Documents, any text.

delivery option available. Click here to get the CD now.

Take a tour of MailAssistant's Salient Features. Have a look at the Features and to your email.

Awards to MailAssistant
ZDNet 4 Star rating
ZDNet Editors' Pick

Rated 5 Stars at SuperShareware

5 cows from TuKids (tucows)
"A great little innovation in the text to speech
technology arena." says About.com
PPPshar Accelerator - Internet Connection Sharing software. Speeds-up web browsing and file downloads. Website Blocking & Filtering, blocks banner ads, records websites visited by users. Share any type of Internet connection - be it standard dialup, AOL, DSL, DirecWay, any satellite or cable modem connection. FREE DOWNLOAD
netMailshar Email Server - Easy-to-use, multi-functional mail server that enables every computer in an office to send and receive email across the Internet & within a LAN. Webmail, Scheduler, Email archiving, virus filter, Global Address Book, PHP support and more...
Connect and Shar - Connect, Disconnect and monitor your Internet connection from any PC. Alerts all users in the network whenever Internet connection in the gateway goes online or offline. This alert is in the form of familiar MSN-style pop-up animation with sound. FREE DOWNLOAD
PPPshar - Internet sharing with Web Acceleration netMailshar Mail Server
AnswerMyPhone Connect and Shar
Bandwidth Reporter
Website : http://www.pppindia.com/intl/mailassistant