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Speaking Email notifier
MailAssistant with Text-to-Speech technology & Animation
  • Are you tired of retrieving large mails?
  • Do you find you have too little time to sit down in front of the PC ?

If so, you definitely need MailAssistant, where a cool animated 3D character will read out messages in a natural sounding, understandable human voice. It quickly previews the sender's address, subject ,size and abstract of each message without downloading.


Features :

  • Reads out the abstract of each message in a natural-sounding, understandable voice.
  • Supports unlimited POP3 accounts.
  • Copy text from webpages, documents into clipboard and MailAssistant will read it for you.
  • Works with any Internet/Intranet Email server.
  • It can work behind any proxy/firewall (SOCKS) server.
  • User-friendly option to change the animated character at run time.
  • Option to use many other animated characters like Merlin, Genie, Peedy, Bill, Dog etc.
innonotify.jpg (4691 bytes)

MailAssistant as Email Notifier :

  • Quickly Preview the sender's address, subject, size and abstract of each message without downloading.
  • Option to save the abstract of large messages and delete them without downloading.
  • Schedule to check your email account at user-defined interval, and to read each message aloud, so that you can quickly react to critical email messages.
  • Launch your favorite Email client from MailAssistant .
desktop.jpg (6339 bytes) MailAssistant as Desktop Enhancement Tool :
  • You can read contents of the ClipBoard quickly by right-clicking on the system tray icon. Or by just pressing the "Pause" key. (You can copy text from webpages, documents into clipboard and MailAssistant will read it for you).
  • Has a built-in TextReader which can read out text files from the disk.
  • Runs as an icon in system tray.

Take a tour of MailAssistant's complete features.

delivery option available. Click here to get the CD now.

Email : mailassistant@pppindia.com


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