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Have the Microsoft Agent characters on your computer running the Windows XP operating system stopped talking to you? You may need to install/re-install the SAPI 4.0 speech runtime support. Microsoft Agent uses SAPI 4.0 to provide speech services. Windows XP however now ships with SAPI 5.0 which does not provide backward compatibility support for its predecessor. Fortunately, SAPI 4.0 and SAPI 5.0 can co-exist together on the same Windows XP computer.
Download the Microsoft SAPI 4.0a runtime binaries (824 KB exe)

1. How do I configure my mailbox?

Setting Up Email Accounts in MailAssistant:
Go to the main Settings window by (single) clicking the MailAssistant icon in system tray.

From the menu, choose "Setup" and click "POP accounts", Click "Add".
Fill up your POP3 account information.

If you have more than one pop3 account, then select the one which you want it to be the default by clicking the "Set as default" button.

Close/Minimize the MailAssistant window to minimize the program
into the system tray.

2. How to avoid POP locks?
Always launch your Email Client from MailAssistant

3. How to use MailAssistant to co-exist with my mailClient?

When your Email Client is open, make sure it is not configured to check mail regularly. You should use the Email Client only to read mails after receiving notifications from MailAssistant. After this, you can close the Email client and press the "start button" from the "Check Mail Window" of MailAssistant.

You can email mailassistant@pppindia.com to get support for MailAssistant.

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