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Internet Sharing with AOL account / connection

Also see AOL DSL connection sharing.

Scenario 1) AOL as your ISP

Scenario 2) Accessing AOL account through any other ISP connection

These testimonials from PPPshar users says it all.

"I had almost given up hope with sharing my dsl internet connection because I have AOL as my ISP. However, after downloading your product today ...., I was able to share my connection. I have two desktops and a laptop. One desktop is directly connected to the modem and the laptop is sharing its connection--I am truly excited. Several people at my work use AOL, and tomorrow I will be telling them all about your product." Chris Abyad, USA

"Fantastic product, I had trouble in the begining trying to share my AOL connection, so I asked for help (to tech. support), less than 12 hours later I got a reply, after following the instructions I was sharing my AOL in under 15 minutes. CONGRATULATIONS on such a great product". Jason, France.

"Just installed PPPshar in order to get my home network sharing the internet connection with newly installed AOL DSL. It works!" Charles Smith, USA

"We have both of our computers successfully running AOL broad band. We are both able to access at the same time with no apparent problems and are able to access e-mail on both computers." Gill Armstrong, UK

I use AOL (broadband) as my ISP. I was sceptical but downloaded the trial version, followed the instructions and in 5 minutes my two PCs were happily talking to the Web simultaneously." David FItzpatrick, UK


Scenario 1) AOL as your ISP

When AOL is your Internet Service Provider, you will be able to access the Internet, using a browser and any other program, from other computers (client) in your network through PPPshar. But you cannot access the same aol account from another computer simultaneously. AOL does not permit simultaneous logins. That means you will not be able to use your AOL program and login from the client computers. AOL 8 DSL supports multiple logons and so it is possible to logon through AOL software from the client pc. You can use different screen names of the same account to login through AOL software from any client computers.


Scenario 2) Multiple AOL accounts through any other ISP connection

When you are going through any other ISP (other than aol) and want people to use their own AOL accounts then you will be able to make a connection to AOL using multiple accounts from the client computers. But there is one condition here... each aol account must be unique. If one screenname (out of 5 usernames) is logged in, then you need an username from another AOL account to be able to login from the client computer.

Here's some information on AOL Internet connection sharing that you should know.

You can share any type of Internet connection using PPPshar Pro. So you can share AOL dialup, DSL or satellite (AOL plus) connections.

Whatever be the type of AOL connection, you can comfortably share your internet connection from the client pc using any browser (non-AOL). You can also use any other Internet software from the client pc. No modification is necessary in pppshar settings or in the AOL software.

But if you want to logon through the AOL software from the client PC, then there are limitations if your ISP is AOL.

AOL allows only one connection per session, so your client computers cannot logon to AOL when the main pc is connected to the same aol account. We have feedback from PPPshar users that AOL 8 DSL supports multiple logons and so it is possible to logon through AOL software from the client pc. So try it. We can help you with any information in this regard.

If your ISP is not AOL, then you can very much use any version of AOL software from the client pc by configuring it for SOCKS proxy in PPPshar Pro.

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