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Sharing a cable modem, adsl, direcpc and other forms of dedicated connection
PPPshar works with one-way cable modem connections as well.

You must have two network cards installed on the PPPshar computer for all dedicated connections. (also see exceptions below)

  1. One network card connects the cable modem to your pppshar computer. This card is your external connection i.e your cable modem connection. Configure the tcp/ip for this card as per your ISPís instructions.
  2. The second network card which should be connected to your hub is for your internal connection and it represents your local network. Configure the TCP/IP for this second network card as per the instructions in this PPPshar documentation. See "Setting up your LAN" section of this document.

Note : Do not connect your cable modem directly into a hub. Your cable modem should be connected to the pppshar computer and so you need two network cards in the gateway machine. By this setup your entire network will be on a physically separate network from that of your cable ISP, otherwise your network becomes very insecure. You'll probably have to use a cross-over cable instead of the standard one to make the connection from the modem to the card.

Here's the list of Exceptions where there is no need for a second network card in the gateway PC.

Exception 1 : External cable or DSL modems connected via USB - If you have to cable, adsl or satellite connection through a USB modem, then a second card is not required on the PPPshar computer to share the connection. Only one Ethernet card is needed to connect to the LAN, but since the cable / DSL modem is connected via USB, you don't need a second NIC. Just connect the network card to your hub and configure the tcp/ip for this card as per instructions in PPPshar Help document.

Exception 2 : Internal cable or DSL modems - Since the modem connects directly to your computer's internal bus (usually via a PCI slot), you don't need a NIC to connect to it. Just one NIC (or phoneline or wireless or powerline network card) in the pppshar machine is needed to connect to the LAN.

Exception 3 : External cable or DSL modems with wireless, phoneline or powerline-based LAN - In this case, one Ethernet card is needed to connect to the cable/DSL modem, but since your LAN is not Ethernet based, you don't need a second NIC.

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