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DNS Configuration

Remember if you want to use SOCKS you have to "Enable DNS" in the TCP/IP network properties in the client machine and make changes in the DNS (PPPsharPro-->DNS) file of PPPshar. SOCKS is useful for using Windows update, Instant Messengers, IRC, Games, AOL software, FTP or any software from the client computer that supports SOCKS proxy. Follow the instructions below.


  • Your client machine name is "computer2"
  • Your gateway (pppshar) machine's IP is

STEP 1 : (in Client machine)

Enable DNS in the client machine

Click OK and restart the machine.

STEP 2 : (in gateway machine)

    • Open dns.ini (Programs-->PPPsharPro-->DNS)
    • Default IP address mentioned in pppshar dns.ini in the first line will work in most situations. If you know the DNS server address provided to you by your ISP then Add the Primary and Secondary Domain Name servers - DNS (IP) one below the other. Consult your ISP to get the DNS server addresses.
    • Save and exit dns.ini
    • Restart PPPshar if it was loaded when making the changes.

STEP 3: (in client machine) SOCKS Proxy Settings in the browser and other applications.

Now you can use any application which has SOCKS proxy support.

How to find out the DNS (Domain name servers) ? Do this in the gateway machine when you are online. Default servers provided in pppshar pro dns.ini file will also work in most situations. Please follow the steps below only if the default servers in pppshar dns does not work. You may also contact us if you need any help in this regard.

  • Go to Start-->Run in windows
  • Type "winipcfg" (without quotes) and click OK. In Windows NT/2K/XP type "ipconfig" (without quotes) to get the DNS server address.
  • In Windows 9x/Me, Click the "More info" button. (see picture below)
  • Under the DNS Server next to the hostname, you will find the IP which is your DNS server. Type this in PPPshar Pro DNS file.
  • Please note - DNS addresses will keep changing everytime to logon to your ISP. These steps are provided to you only for information and troubleshooting.

winipcg screen

Under the DNS Server next to the hostname, you will find the IP which is your DNS server.

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Contacting Support

You can reach the PPPshar support via email support@pppindia.com All support questions from registered users will be responded to within 24 hours. Send your queries with an appropriate Subject line.

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