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netmailshar - SMTP/POP3 Mail server

  Email for every desktop user in your home or office network
using one Internet account
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Benefits of using netMailshar
  • Email addresses for everyone in the network with just one Internet account.
  • Individual users need not dial out to ISP to send and receive Emails.
  • True and unique Email addresses like username@yourdomainname.com for every user in the network.
  • Users can seamlessly send and receive Emails as if they are on a dedicated (leased) line to Internet.
  • Savings in capital & operating costs - only one Modem, one phone line & one Internet account.
  • You need not spend more than 30 minutes (even if you are checking for emails every hour) of your Online time per day to provide Email facility to everyone in your company.
  • Your company takes advantage of instant communication by email to give access and a competitive edge: communicate more efficiently, collapse project and turnaround time, boost productivity.

Communicate, Network, Inform - Use netMailshar.

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