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"First I want to say thank you for making such an excellent value in a proxy server. I have just downloaded it and was up and running in less than 5 minutes." Jeffery Stephenson.
"One of the strong point of your software package is it's ease of installation and detailed information of what to do, step by step." Richard Streeter


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Internet access for your entire LAN using one Internet connection
PPPshar powered the kiosk revolution in Chennai
which led the way for the whole country.
It has taken
Internet to the people Find out more...
Internet for Everyone Internet for the people
Email, Web, Chat, FTP, ICQ, Real Audio/Video, Telnet, Yahoo! Chat, AOL, Napster and more... for all users in your LAN with one Internet account. "Right from the beginning experts have been stressing that kiosks on the lines of STD/ISD boothswill be the answer to take Internet to the public.And it is happening in Chennai, India". (PPPshar is the answer). The Hindu, India's National Newspaper dt. April 13, 1998
PPPshar is User's Choice
"What Microsoft could not accomplish in billions of bytes of bloatware, you have done in 400k. Your work is amazing, elegant, and a model for intelligent software development." Ted Osinski, FL, USA. More comments from users.  
"After trying a few other "sophisticated" internet sharing programs that I couldn't get to work, I downloaded a trail version of PPPShar. It worked immediately -- I was amazed! I bought the Pro version and have been sharing internet between a PC and two Macs on a DSL connection. Thanks for such an elegant, inexpensive program." Kevin Takacs, USA. More comments from users around the World.

Thousands of copies of PPPshar are sold in U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Germany, U.K., Italy, France, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Columbia and the list is growing.

Order PPPshar Now and enjoy, exploit the benefits of Internet.

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multiple emailboxes with one 'net account

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