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Content Scanning Engine in netMailshar
Mail filtering based on keywords, phrases

netMailshar has a powerful content scanning engine to check your incoming emails for spam, viruses and offensive or confidential content.

netMailshar offers generic virus protection against email viruses without having to update your virus scanners.

netMailshar has ability to scan the content of all incoming mails and so the administrator can choose to 'quarantine' emails with certain content - keywords or phrases or attachments, so that he can view them before deciding whether they can be sent to a particular user. If there is a matching keyword or phrase, netmailshar can also be instructed to delete such mails.

Content scanning is required due to the following email based threats :-

  • Virus infection (kak, loveletter, stages and other vbscript viruses)
  • Offensive content
  • Junk e-mail / SPAM

netMailshar offers protection against email based threats mentioned above.
You can also use this mail filtering facility to choose important/confidential messages to be delivered to your inbox or just trash those messages with abusive or junk content like 'make $$', 'viagra', 'burn fat' etc.

Another usage of this mail filtering option is that you can define rulesets (in rules manager) to distribute a single copy of any mailing list messages, newsletters, ezines, reports or any mails that matches a particular text, phrase or keyword, to multiple users.

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