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netMailshar new version - Press Release

For Immediate Release :

Virus-free and Spam-free email boxes for home and office networks.
Chennai, (October 8, 2000) - PPP Infotech has released netMailshar 2.7 (http://www.netmailshar.com) that enables office/home with a network of computers to provide unique, virus-free email accounts to everyone in the network without connecting each computer to the ISP. A typical anti-virus software can prevent viruses only on one PC where it is installed but netMailshar can be used to prevent email-based viruses from entering the whole network or LAN.

netMailshar is the only software offering generic virus protection against email-based viruses without depending on traditional virus scanners. netMailshar has apowerful content scanning engine to check your incoming emails for spam, viruses and offensive or confidential content. netMailshar has ability to can the content of all incoming mails and so the administrator can choose to 'quarantine' emails with certain content - keywords or phrases or attachments, so that the he can view them before deciding whether they can be sent to a particular user. If there is a matching keyword or phrase, netmailshar can also be instructed to delete such mails.

netMailshar is a fast and easy-to-use server software that provides a cost-effective email solution for your entire office/home with only one PC requiring Internet access. Any email client like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus, etc. can be used to send/receive email since netMailshar is based on SMTP/POP3 protocol. netMailshar has several other useful features like auto-dialing with advanced scheduling options, mail forwarding and auto responders.

netMailshar needs one PC running Windows95/98/NT/2000 for connecting to the Internet, but other computers in the network may be running any platform like Mac, OS/2, Linux and so on. netMailshar is more cost-effective and time-saving than using FREE web-based email like Hotmail since it uses less bandwidth and less online time.

"Besides providing virus protection, 'content scanning engine' in netMailshar can be used in a networked environment for improving security" says Parameshwar Babu who created the product. "netMailshar continues to attract substantial number of customers from USA and Europe. Customer feedback from companies around the world helped us make the product very sophisticated."

Several corporates in India use netMailshar to provide separate email accounts to more than 200 desktops with just one dial-up connection. They are able to send more than 3000 emails per day with minimal connectivity charges.

Thousands of users in USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Greece, UAE, Denmark, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Netherlands and India are enjoying the benefits of netmailshar. Further information about the product is available from the website www.netmailshar.com


PPP Infotech (http://www.pppinfotech.com) is a technology company specializing in software products for Internet, networking andembedded devices.

The history of PPP is as old as the history of Internet in India itself. Beginning within months of Internet's arrival in India, the company has grown in products and services, expertise and reputation as Internet revolution snowballed into a real people's movement.

Founded in 1995, PPP is perhaps the only company in India which shunned the popular way of tapping the IT pie, that is by harnessing offshore software development contracts, body-shopping and the like. The company is the first in India to come out with Internet products when product development was not an accepted practice at all in India. The products went on to become real hits not just in India, but abroad too.

PPP was also instrumental in unleashing the Internet booth revolution in Chennai, which led the way for the whole country

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