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PPPshar - Requirements

PPPshar runs on a single Windows 95/98 or NT computer which does not have to be dedicated to the purpose. PPPshar can share a single Internet connection with nearly any type of client computer running TCP/IP.

Minimum system requirements for the Gateway Machine (i.e the machine which is connected directly to Internet)
  • Pentium with 16 MB of RAM
  • Operating system - Windows 95/98/NT with Internet Explorer 4.x or above with MS-JVM
  • Network Adapter properly configured for TCP/IP
  • An Internet connection.
Minimum system requirements for the Terminals/workstations:
  • 486 with 8 MB RAM with Network Adapter
  • Any operating system supporting TCP/IP network (WIN95, NT, Win3.11, Mac, OS2 etc.)

All computers should "talk" to each other properly through TCP/IP. Help file provided to configure Windows 95/98 TCP/IP network.

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