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PPPshar - Key Features

PPPshar software requires very little setup time and it is VERY easy to use. Read users' comments.

PPPshar (current version 1.7) supports the following Internet facilities:-

  • Email
  • World Wide Web
  • FTP (user@host) using any FTP clients
  • Usenet (NNTP)
  • Telnet
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
  • RealAudio and Real Video
  • Supports POP3 proxy for multiple email accounts.
  • SOCKS 4 & 5 proxy
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer ) support
  • FTP via Web browser
  • Domain Name Service
  • America Online and Compuserve
  • Mirabilis ICQ & AOL Instant Messenger
  • TCP & UDP Mapping proxy
  • Online games like Mplayer, Playsite, Starcraft/Battle.net/Diablo
  • Support for Ping, Tracert using PPPshell client software
  • Security Feature - Allow or Deny access to specific IP addresses
  • Allow or deny access to specific file types. (new in v1.7)

You can use all the above facilities in every computer in your Network which are not directly connected to Internet.

Made for you
  • PPPshar software is very easy to install and use.
  • No configuration headaches.
  • Software contains an extensive help file to configure your Network for TCP/IP using Windows95/98
  • Online Support via email & ICQ
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