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"Several programs allow one system--the one with the modem--to work as a proxy Internet server for other PCs on the same network. My favorite, based on ease of setup and price, is PPPshar." Lincoln Spector, PC World USA
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  • PPPshar review in PC Quest, India's leading infotech magazine.
  • "Their products precisely address the ground reality and offer ways to exploit the Net with minimum investment." says Mr. G.Pramod Kumar about PPP's products in The Hindu, India's National Newspaper dt. August 4, 1997
  • Chennai software firm helps spread the Web. Financial Express . Dec.4, 1998
  • Internet for the people. The Hindu, April 13, 1998
  • Betting on the Internet PPP aims high - The Hindu Businessline, leading Business daily in India.
  • Waiting in the Wings "Necessity is the mother of invention may be a cliche, but still continues to be the root of all major breakthroughs" - Ms.S. Akila in Dataquest on PPPshar

Reviewer's Comment "I'm pleased that you are proud of the software being from India. It's too easy for non-US companies to hide their location because they fear the "not invented here" attitude in the US, and the "if it comes from America it must be best" attitude of the rest of the world. I am very impressed with the quality of your website and your instruction file. Paul Zucker, IDG Australia

I wish you good luck with your company and future project. It's nice to see a real 100 % Indian company on the market, Massimo Di Biaggio, Sweden.

I really like the way PPPshar works, It has solved my surfing needs for my family over the ISDN, Harvey Levitt, USA

I am so impressed. Thank you for your support and a wonderful package that saves us lots of money. PPPshar has already paid for itself, Brian Fanner, Australia.

We are very impressed with your products, and I personally have been recommeding you to friends, and customers alike. Tony Brown UK

I would like to congratulate you on your excellent software package it is the best I have ever seen. Piet Maritz. South Africa

Hey, I must say that PPPshar is the best modem sharing proxy program I have ever used. I like the simplicity of it, and the fact that it flat out works. Jason

I like the simplicity of PPPshar and its performance. Tony Stribling

Thank you for a brilliant product I have bought PPPshar for use at home using an ISDN line my children can now surf the net and pick up their own Email - which makes them happy and me less stressed as they do not have to access my research mac. Bryan Walker, U.K.

I enjoy using a good program written in Java. The setup was very easy. Thanks for a wonderful program that will allow me to drop one data line and the associated costs of that line. Ken Baldwin, USA.

Your software (PPPshar) is one of the best programs. It will save us a lot of money. With my best wishes for you and your company. Andreas Metze.

I LOVE PPPshar!!!!! Absolutely wonder and I am sooooooooo very happy I bought your product. AND I LOVE THE customer service / technical support! You are WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for having such a TERRIFIC program! Cindy M Myers, Portland, USA

I love it. There are many products out there however yours is very easy, very functional. Billy Downey, USA.

We are a regional area network company with a large and expanding
customer base. We have been impressed with (PPPshar) the ease of
setup and use. Also it works very well on our in house Novell network.
Jay Edmonds, System/Network Engineer

PPPshar is the easiest and most reliable program I have ever used!!!!
Mike, Australia.

First of all, congratulations for PPPShar! I've tried it and it's so easy to configure! Stephane Allaire, Canada.

I 've tried for months and have no luck with other softwares until I got a reply from someone in my newsgroup about PPPShar. Well done Guys! Hock-Lian Law.

I used your PPPshar program as distributed on an Australian PC World magazine on a peer to peer network at home and was very impressed at the ease of installation and quality of the setup instructions. APCS, Australia.

I just wanted to say you did a very nice and useful program (PPPshar) Good work, and keep it up! Tomasz Owczarczyk, Poland.

"I have been evaluating PPPshar for 2 days and feel I have to congratulate for developing a superb product which is easy to configure and use, and superior to similar utilities currently available." John Sankey, UK.

"PPPshar is the best and I am very pleased with the product and the support and will recommend your product to others" David Basile, Alabama, USA.

"Yesterday I downloaded your program and installed it. The installation was amazingly simple and I had three machines surfing the web with IE4.0 in ten minutes." Rama Rao, USA

"Thanks for your help and compliments on an excellent product." Dave Pick. UK

"I have a small network in my house to allow my children to access my server etc. I now find I have a means to let them access the Internet. The installation process was quite easy once I had installed IE onto my machine, and it was a very pleasant surprise to find that once I had installed a browser on the other machines that I had very easy access to the outside world." Kelvin, USA

".. i do a lot of file transfers through IRC and ICQ. I was looking for exactly what I found in PPPshar. It was so easy to install." Darrell Davis, USA

"PPPshar is working extremely well where other products have failed. it is also extremely easy to set up." Barry Naidoo, South Africa

"I've just installed PPPshar and found it works extremely well. Congratulations on a great program." Lance Jarvis, Australia

"Thankyou for developing such a superb product. .. and am thoroughly delighted." Martin J. Fleming, USA

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