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PPPshar - Product info

Internet access for multiple computers with one Internet account

PPPshar is a proxy server that enables you to share a single Internet connection of any type (Dialup TCP/IP, ISDN, ADSL, Cable modem, or Ethernet connection) among several computers in a network.

PPPshar is small, light weight, very easy to setup and use. No configuration headaches.

Benefits: PPPshar saves you money by removing the need for getting a separate Internet account, phoneline and modem for each user who wants to access Internet in your LAN.

PPPshar offers an unbeatable connectivity solution enabling organisations, Home/SOHO networks, SMEs, educational institutions to connect their LAN to the Internet securely and cost effectively.

Applications: It is ideal for setting up public Internet booths/cafes, corporates, educational/training institutes & hospitals and whereever there is a need for multi-user Internet access. Project report available (at extra cost) for setting up a Internet cafe/booth with PPPshar.

PPPshar is designed to help make you be more productive and exploit the benefits of Internet.

PPPshar software is developed in India by PPP Infotech Ltd, the Internet software and solutions group. PPP Infotech has a good track record in the area of Internet software product development of international quality and standard. Check out other products - netMailshar, MailAssistant, and GetAgain


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