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Category : Sweets Payasam(A South Indian Dessert) Servings :
Ingredients :
Vermicelli (Saemiya) : 200 gms
Sugar : 300 gms
Cashewnuts : 20 nuts
Raisin : 10 nos
Cardamom : 4 seeds - Smashed
Milk : 250 ml
Ghee : 2 tsp
A few drops of Vanilla essence

Method of Preparation :

Fry Cashewnuts and Raisin in ghee until it turns golden brown in colour. Heat Vermicelli over a pan smeared with ghee, till it starts changing colour.

Boil milk in a bowl, Add the warmed Vermicelli to it and keep mixing. Cook for about 10 - 15 minutes over a medium flame.

Add sugar to it and keep stirring, until the sugar gets dissolved completely. Add smashed Cardamom and fried Cashewnuts to it.

A few drops of Vanilla essence may be added for flavour.

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