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E-mail Virus Protection
using netMailshar mail server

Prevent Email Viruses
PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE ! Wondering why ? Read on....

The problem :

Did you know?

  • The number one method of virus intrusion is through E-mail - Gone are the days when viruses were spread through the sharing of floppy disks.
  • The majority of virus infections taking place these days are macro and VBScript viruses and the number one method of intrusion is through email attachments. Surveys have shown that many managers and employees not only fail to install and update anti-virus software, but many disable it.
  • Lost Productivity - Eradicating a virus, recovering data, and repairing damaged equipment can require investing significant financial and human resources.
  • Financial Loss - Downtime, tarnished company image, and stolen, altered, or destroyed confidential information resulting from a virus infection can expose your organization, customers, vendors and other business partners to financial losses.

Solution : You cannot expect every employee of an organization to be smart. No matter how hard you educate them, someone is going to open emails with virus attachments. But if you have a centralized email scanning facility to scan for malicious scripts, you don't have to expect every employee to be smart. This is how netMailshar works!!

Features & Benefits of E-mail Virus Prevention module in netMailshar:

  • Centralized Protection for your entire LAN from Email viruses.
  • No need to download any updates. netMailshar provides generic protection for all virus scripts including the variants of a particular virus.
  • Scans your email for malicious VBscript commands that can damage your system. This way you are protected from viruses that may be developed anytime in future.
  • Option to forward the emails with viruses into a seperate mailbox to scan for any important message.
  • Option to Delete it even before the email virus gets downloaded into your system.
  • Automated mail notification to the sender to inform them that their emailcontains virus. This notification message can be customised with your company name etc.
  • For non-script based viruses, you just need to maintain one copy of your favourite Anti-virus software for centralized scanning.
  • Click here to know more about content filtering and scanning.

Now that you are convinced email virus prevention is better than cure.
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Note: We assume you have more than one computer in your office/home with some form of network connection. However, using netMailshar for a protecting a standalone computer is also possible.

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