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netmailshar - SMTP/POP3 Mail server
Multiple mailboxes with one Internet account.
Email virus protection for your entire network.
Auto-dial/disconnection, scheduled mail sending and receiving.
Email archiving, monitoring, filtering and much more..
Free Download Email server for Virus-free Internet and Intranet email communication Buy Now
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Awards to netMailshar

"The great thing about netMailshar is that any dunderhead with a scintilla of IT savvy could setup email for all employees in a small to medium-sized company..."
"While I don't know if the people in PPP Infotech have ever heard of that wise English philosopher, William of Occam, they have certainly adhered to his rule of simplicity. Not only is the system mere child's play to setup, but it also contends with that other bugbear of email systems, the email-borne virus" Click here to read full review. SC Online, October 2001

"netMailshar is a great multi-functional mail server.This program is fast, smooth, and gets its job done." TUCOWS - 4 Cows rating.

Slaughterhouse "Pick of the Day" Sep.13, '99
5 out of 5 ratings at ZDNet and FileTransit Featured in Tucows Kickoff
4 dudes by Filedudes
featured in
User Comments

"I have downloaded your trial version and must say I am very impressed at its ease of use. As an associate for a rather small company (approx. 25 employees including CEOs, Presidents, etc...) I have been searching for a POP3 email server that was inexpensive but useful. And so far, netMailshar has proved to be all of the above." Sean Millspaugh, Computer/Systems Consultant and Network Admin, USA.

"I have recently installed the demonstration version of netmailshar and have found it to be one of the most impressive software packages I have ever used." Mike Robinson, UK

"Before purchasing netMailshar, I spent the major part of a month testing and evaluating around a dozen packages. I most certainly do find the product very, very useful and considerably cheaper than many alternatives which are much more difficult to set up." Phil Dann, I.T. Administrator, UK

"Let me first just say how great this progam is. When i first installed it i thought this looks a little simple it probably wont do everything i want it to do, ... i have to say that your program actually seems to be far better than all the others. All the other programs i tested had very difficult interfaces which made setup very lengthy and tiresum and very difficult as well. Netmailshar gets straight to the point very easy to setup, i actually had it fully running in under 10 minutes." Michael Stott, UK

"I am getting ready to order your netmail package and I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate the software. Compared to similar products yours was by far the easiest to get up and going. It does its job and does it well. Many thanks keep up the good work." Lewis Betterton, USA

"Our organization has been using your product for the last year to manage our e-mail and have been quite happy with its performance." John Harrison, USA.

"I think this product is absolutely brilliant. It was so easy to install and everything worked first time which is unusual for me." Lee Walker, England "Works like a charm - what a great product you guys have." Kevin Kidson, S.Africa

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