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netmailshar - SMTP/POP3 Mail server
Multiple mailboxes with one Internet account.
Email virus protection for your entire network.
Auto-dial/disconnection, scheduled mail sending and receiving.
Email archiving, monitoring, filtering and much more..
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netMailshar E-mail Server Software

Product info

netMailshar is an easy-to-maintain, fully featured mail server that enables every computer in an office to send and receive email not only across the Internet but also within a LAN. It provides email capability to every computer in a network with just one Internet connection. netMailshar saves you money by removing the need for getting a separate Internet account, phoneline and modem for each user who wants to access email in your network. It works with any type of Internet connection be it Dialup, ISDN, ADSL, Cable modem, or satellite connection.

netMailshar mail server also works on a local area network with no Internet connection. Using netMailshar, you can setup LAN email or intranet email solution for your organization in no time. Increase the power of your Intranet by providing a separate email account to everyone in the LAN. It is very easy to install, configure and use.

netMailshar is available in two versions - netMailshar Standard and netMailshar Professional. Browser-based administration and messaging, SMTP authentication, Remote web-based dialer and email archiving facility are the major additional enhancements in Pro version. Take a look at the complete list of Features. Download Now || Buy Now

Email Virus Prevention and Content filtering: netMailshar mail server provides centralized, generic protection against all email viruses without having to update your virus scanners. netMailshar has a powerful content filtering & scanning engine to check your incoming emails for spam, viruses and keywords or phrases or attachments.

Other features include scheduled mail sending and receiving, autodial and disconnection, support for multiple domains and unlimited pop3 accounts, direct smtp connections, autoresponders, email forwarding, email archiving, monitoring, filtering and much more. It can provide adequate security and monitor or regulate proper use of email in your organization(or monitoring employee email). Thus it is a great tool for companies for regulating email usage and improving productivity.

netMailshar is a cost - effective email server software and solution for your home or office network. netMailshar has all the features to fulfill the Internet and internal email needs of a small home office, small business or an enterprise.

netMailshar picks up all of the mail for the entire network, quickly, easily, and efficiently. It is available in 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 and unlimited user versions. Order Now !

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