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netMailshar mail server - Support Page
User manual (help file) contains all these info and more...

For Windows 2000 users :

  • Useful MS-JVM Update 3810 link from Microsoft for Windows 2000 users if you have an older version of JVM.
  • If the MS-JVM is missing then download MS-JVM version 3809 first from this link (Microsoft's site) or from our site msjavx86.exe (build 3809) and visit the update link above to upgrade the JVM to the latest build 3810
  • Others: when there is no MS-JVM in your machine, Download the msjavx86.exe (build 3809)
  • JVM Update build 3810 - This Java VM 3810 will ONLY install on a system which already has a version of Java on it. If you install it on a system with no java vm install, you will see the error message "This setup will only upgrade over an existing version of the Microsoft VM". After clicking ok, you will see the message "The installation is complete"... But 3810 will NOT have installed. So first download & install build 3809 and then upgrade to 3810.

Troubleshooting - Error messages (new)

  1. Problem: "Unable to find RASAPI32.dll" error when you run netMailshar in Windows NT
Solution: Go to Control Panel-->Network and then to Services Click "Add" to add a service and select "Remote Access Service" from the list and click Ok to install RAS. Then just add a dummy ras entry even if you don't need it.
  1. Problem: Error message "Port already in use. Please restart after freeing the port."
Solution: The default email ports (25 for SMTP, 110 for POP3) is being used by some other software/application (like proxy server etc) in your system. You can either disable the email service in that application or change the port numbers to some other value (26 and 111) and then load netmailshar. Alternately, in netmailshar you can change the pop3 port to 111 (default is 110). You should do this from Setup-->Local Configuration in netmailshar. For the email client to work, you should change the port number (to 111) in all your email clients which are going to connect to netmailshar. In Win NT/2K, SMTP service will be running and you need to stop this from the Internet Services Manager to avoid this conflict. Norton Antivirus (with emailscan) which will be using the default pop3 port 110 also conflicts with netMailshar and you will see this error message.
  1. Problem: "Fatal error - Relaying denied" message when netmailshar tries to send queued mails. Or an email message from netmailshar Mailer Daemon saying that there is a fatal error with the message - relaying denied.
Solution: Change the SMTP server in netmailshar. Go to Setup-->Internet configuration, under SMTP configuration, type the SMTP server (outgoing mail server) address provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
4. Problem: netMailshar always attaches a text "Send through netMailshar....." in all outgoing mails.
Solution: This is not a problem!. Evaluation copy of netMailshar will generate this footer in every outgoing message. This is just to encourage users to register netmailshar. When you register/buy netmailshar, you will not see this message. Click here to order.

Local/LAN Mailing using netMailshar without a Internet domain name.

You can use netMailshar simply as a Intranet mail server even if you don't have a registered Internet domain name. You can use some "dummy" domain name or simply enter any name you wish - example - yourcompany. When you run netmailshar for the first time you will be prompted to enter a Primary Domain name. Type a name which will be your domain name. The name you type here will be the domain part in your email address.

From the Setup menu choose Internet configuration. You will be presented with a dialog box.

  1. Enter a name that will be the part of your email address (after the @ sign, example @yourcompany) in the Primary Domain textbox. And then Click Apply.
  2. Now you can create local user accounts from the Accounts option

In this case the email address for local mailing will be anyuser@yourcompany. Use this email address as the From field (sender's address) in the email clients. You can only use this address for local mailing and cannot receive mails from the Internet. Emails addressed to local users (local mails) will be distributed instantly. There is no need to perform the send/receive operation from the netMailshar.

Note: Even when you have a registered domain name, all local mails to local users will be routed locally in netmailshar. So you can use the same email address for both local and external mailing.

For any queries send an email to support@pppindia.com with an appropriate subject line.

Communicate, Network, Inform - Use netMailshar.

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