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netmailshar - SMTP/POP3 Mail server
Enables LAN mail(network email) facility within your organization (Corporate email server)
Email virus protection for your entire network.
Auto-dial/disconnection, scheduled mail sending and receiving.
Email archiving, monitoring, filtering and much more..
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netMailshar e-mail Server Software
Distinctive features in Professional edition is listed below.

netMailshar Professional Edition (v4.0) released - PPP Infotech is proud to announce the release of a new version of netMailshar Professional Edition. Download Now || Buy Now

What's New in version 4.0 ?

  • Global Address Book (GAB) module. Centralised addressbook which can be accessed through a web browser from any machine in the network. Click here to details. netMailshar Pro 4.0 also available without this GAB module.
  • Support for PHP Scripting Language.
  • Improved handling of various email clients.
    • Email clients based on PHP, perl or any CGI scripts that may not send clean SMTP commands can now communicate with netMailshar without any problems.
  • Can respond to RSET commands. No more email receiving problems when the email client works through anti-virus software like Norton Anti-Virus.
  • Behaviour of "Retrieve new mails only" option. Earlier mails were marked as "read" after using "Receive Headers Only" option and for abruptly closed POP3 sessions as well.

. Features in netMailshar Professional Edition:-

  1. Remote Web Dialer :
    • Now netmailshar can be dialed from anywhere in the network and from any web browser.
    • Remotely connect and disconnect from any web browser, from any machine in the network.
    • Monitor the Dialup connection status from a web browser.
  2. SMTP Authentication support
  3. Web interface for users.
    • Web-based access to users' mailbox. - netMailshar users can access their mailbox from anywhere in the LAN or even from anywhere in the world using any web browser. If you have missed to try netmailshar Pro before, Download Now
  4. Web interface for administrators to add, modify, delete accounts
  5. Manage & filter Outgoing mails with forwarding options and by specifying rules and conditions for each user.
  6. Archive incoming and outgoing mails
  7. Administrators, resellers and intranet solution providers can easily change the look and feel of the web interface. Insert company logos, change the layout and colors with a simple knowledge of HTML. Click here to know more.

List of Features common to Standard & Professional versions.

  1. Automatic mail sending and receiving

  • Auto Dialer and Scheduler to dial out and send and receive emails periodically or at a specified time and on specified working days and/or hours.
  • Automatic connect and disconnect facility for totally unmanned operation.
  • POP3 polling under automatic mode - Checks for mails at regular intervals.

  1. Domain Names, Mailboxes and User options.

  • Support for multiple mailboxes within your own domain name. eg: (anyusername@yourcompany.com) Typically when your ISP gives a POP3 mailbox which does the "catch all" for the mails received for anyuser@yourdomain.com netmailshar turns these individual mailboxes into virtual POP3 boxes with in the network.
  • Supports multiple POP3 accounts even from different domain names
  • Password protected mailboxes for each user.
  • Supports multiple domain names.
  • Intranet email server - Routes mail to the same email domain locally, without the need to access your ISP
  • "Autoresponder" facility for each user account to send a custom message automatically.
  • Email forwarding: Option to forward mails received by an user to another email address. This feature can be used for several purposes by the user.
    1. to mark a copy of messages received by an user to another user,
    2. when any user goes on a long tour but wants to receive his company email from some other account
  • Rules Manager to filter messages based on keywords or phrases.You can also use this mail filtering facility to choose important/confidential messages to be delivered to your inbox or just trash those messages with abusive or junk content.
  • Another usage of this mail filtering option is that you can define rules (in rules manager) to distribute a single copy of any mailing list messages, newsletters, ezines, reports or any mails that matches a particular text, phrase or keyword, to multiple users.

  1. Administrator facilities

  • "Receive Mail Headers" option. This feature retrieves only the email headers so that unwanted mails can be deleted without receiving the entire messages.
  • Inbox & Outbox Viewer - Administrator can view the messages in the inbox and outbox of each user in netmailshar using the in-built viewer.
  • Security - Only the Administrator can modify the settings.
  • Email forwarding : Option to forward mails received by an user to another email address. This feature can be used for several purposes by the administrator
    1. to archive all emails received or
    2. mark a copy of messages received by an user to another user,
    3. to monitor all incoming messages
  • Advanced mail processing rules for pop3 accounts: Option to specify custom mail headers to parse for recipient information and to strip extra text from the mail headers.
  • Rules Manager - netMailshar has a powerful content filtering & scanning engine to check your incoming emails for spam, viruses and keywords or phrases or attachments. You can use this feature to block/delete email viruses including as yet unknown or new viruses - even before your anti-virus scanner is updated. new in 2.7
  • Supports two modes for sending mails
    • Sending Method 1 - using SMTP relay server (most common method - default option - recommended)
    • Sending Method 2 - using MX lookup. This method makes a "direct connection" to the mail recipient's server for quicker delivery. This option is useful if you are on a dedicated/"always on" connection to the Internet and/or when your ISP does not provide you a SMTP server for sending mails. This option is not recommeded if you are on a normal dialup connection, as the mail delivery process will be very slow.

Features & Benefits of E-mail Virus Prevention module in netMailshar:

Click here for a complete overview of Email Virus prevention  or read the summary below.

  • Centralised Protection for your entire LAN from Email viruses.
  • No need to download any updates.
  • One time Installation.
  • Option to keep the emails with viruses into a seperate mailbox to scan forany important message.
  • Option to Delete it even before the email virus gets downloaded into your system.
  • Automated mail notification to the sender to inform them that their emailcontains virus. This notification message can be customised with your company name etc.
  1. Other features

  • Support for "POP before SMTP" authentication. new in v2.65
  • Option to include/exclude a pop3 account during the receive operation.
  • Can work behind a SOCKS 4 proxy.
  • Based on Internet standards - SMTP / POP3
  • Supports standard Email clients like Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape Communicator, Outlook Express etc.
  • Create mailboxes via easy to use interface.
  • Turns any Windows 95 or NT system into an Internet or intranet mail gateway.
  • Internet and Intranet POP3/SMTP Mail server and client.
  • Easy to install, configure and use; any novice can operate !

Download Now || Buy Now

Additional features can be incorporated according to your requirements. Please let us know if you would like to add any features to suit your needs.

netMailshar is available in 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 and unlimited user versions. Order Now !

Communicate, Network, Inform - Use netMailshar.

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