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Accelerates web browsing & file downloads.
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I had been struggling for several hours trying to understand the complexities of three of the market leaders without any success. Within 15 minutes of downloading your software PPPshar the internet sharing was up and running. Ivan Rudd, UK
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"I have PPPShar Pro for both my home network as well as for a 5 workstation LAN sharing DirecWay satellite at work and it works great!! Kevin Downey, USA
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*** This Webpage is kept for information and archival purpose only. ***

For updated information visit PPPshar Proxy Home Page.

Internet connection sharing, cable modem connection sharing, DSL connection sharing, AOL satellite & DSL connection sharing, direcway, one-way/telco return connection sharing, two-way satellite connection sharing, PPPoE and PPPoA connection sharing and more, possible with PPPshar.

PPPshar Accelerator - Internet connection sharing with web browsing acceleration.

  • Significantly speeds-up web browsing & file downloading.
  • Web page caching - Web browsing at full LAN speed - no more World Wide Wait !
  • Website blocking & filtering
  • Logging - records web browsing activity of users.
  • Disable cookies - Online privacy protection and much more..
  • Also PPPshar Accelerator is pre-configured to block most online banner advertisements thus saving bandwidth and money.

MS-JVM : Microsoft (Java) Virtual Machine is required to run PPPshar. If PPPshar does not run on your machine, see below.

  1. When there is no MS-JVM in your machine, Download the msjavx86.exe (build 3809) for Win9x/Me/XP/NT/2K. NT/2K users can also update the JVM through service pack or Windows update.
  2. JVM Update build 3810 - This Java VM 3810 will ONLY install on a system which already has a version of Java on it. If you install it on a system with no java vm install, you will see the error message "This setup will only upgrade over an existing version of the Microsoft VM". After clicking ok, you will see the message "The installation is complete"... But 3810 will NOT have installed. So first download & install build 3809 and then upgrade to 3810
  3. For Windows 200 users: Useful MS-JVM Update 3810 link from Microsoft for Windows 2000 users if you have an older version of MS-JVM. If the MS-Java is missing then download MS-JVM 3809 first from this link 3809 (Microsoft's site) or from our site msjavx86.exe (build 3809) and visit the update link above to upgrade the JVM in your machine to the latest build 3810.
User Testimonials
"I had almost given up hope with sharing my dsl internet connection because I have AOL as my ISP. However, after downloading your product today, I was able to share my connection. I am truly excited. Several people at my work use AOL, and tomorrow I will be telling them all about your product." Chris Abyad, USA
"I downloaded the trial version of PPPshar Pro v1.9 from your website yesterday, and have found it to be the answer to all of my prayers! I am now successfully running AOL v8.0plus on multiple PC's at the same time, through my wireless LAN to my DirecWay satellite connection. This little program of yours is a charm! " Barbara Jo Palsa, USA
"After trying a few other "sophisticated" internet sharing programs that I couldn't get to work, I downloaded a trail version of PPPShar. It worked immediately -- I was amazed! I bought the Pro version and have been sharing internet between a PC and two Macs on a DSL connection. Thanks for such an elegant, inexpensive program." Kevin Takacs, USA
"I must say that the PPPShar proxy server software I purchased the other day has been working fantastically, after trying out many other products yours was the only one that worked straight away without any sort of problems or menus with 5000 options for configuration. Congratulations on an excellent product." David Walker, Computer Engineer, USA
"What Microsoft could not accomplish in billions of bytes of bloatware, you have done in 400k. Your work is amazing, elegant, and a model for intelligent software development." Ted Osinski, FL, USA

"After a whole week of struggling to get Microsoft's internet connection sharing to work (never did get it to work without locking up), we finally went looking for a proxy server. Thanks to your well-designed product and swift processing, our whole network (five clients) was up and running flawlessly in less than an hour!" Karl Tinsley and Jananne Lovett-Keen, USA
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  • Email without Internet
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  • IMAP Email service. Centralised Email Storage.
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  • Take a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails
  • Userwise email attachment, mail size restrictions
  • Integrated Opensource Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
  • Supports Google Apps Domain & Gmail accounts
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  • SMS Templates.
  • SQL Connector - MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle.
  • Dedicated SMS modem. Works with any GSM Modem or 3G data card.
  • Also use any BSNL, MTNL 3G Data Card with our software.
  • Automatically receive SMS and store into any database like MySQL, MS-SQL.
  • Message Log Keep a log of sms sent, received, failed.
  • bkSMS software can be customized at an additional cost.
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Send, Receive SMS using GSM or 3G Modem
SMTP/POP3/IMAP Mail Server
Sync Gmail Contacts with Outlook
Synchronize Gmail and Outlook Contacts
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Extract Emails from clipboard, websites, documents